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5 most crucial environmental issues the world is facing today

There are many ways we are causing damage to our environment. Here are the most important environmental issues the world is facing today.


We cannot live without water. But water is becoming scarce now. Freshwater is only available to one-fifth of the world’s population. Others cannot access drinking water due to drought, pollution and wastage. The degradation of the quality of water not only poses a problem to drinking water but also has a huge impact on the marine life.


It is a real threat to our planet. Forests comprise 30% of the planet’s land and offer important protection from flooding and sandstorms. It is also essential for natural habitat for wildlife. They can offset the carbon emission. Without forests, there will be places vulnerable to heat and other climate change. We should stop deforestation and start replanting to save our planet.


The carbon emission from cars is very harmful to the environment. Car manufacturing companies are coming up with more energy efficient cars nowadays. Cars are bocoming greener now. Still, people must be cautious in driving their vehicles. Wherever possible, they should use more environment-friendly transportation.


As the population is increasing, more people are disposing of off their electronics and clothing, thus increasing the volume of the landfill. We should use reusable and recyclable products to reduce waste. Otherwise, our water will be polluted, and there will be more release of greenhouse gases into the environment.

Global warming

We are having extreme weather events and natural disasters. For this reason, global warming is increasing. The sea level is predicted to rise 20-80 inches by 2100, thus increasing the chance of flood.

To get a more sustainable future, we should carry on practices to lower emissions of greenhouse gases. We all need to work together to protect our environment.

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