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5 things that everyone should recycle

Recycling is a major step towards getting a sustainable environment. Many people are now cautious about recycling products. As a responsible person, we should all recycle the following items.


Aluminum cans are fully recyclable. It can be recycled many times. Transforming recycled cans into new cans take 95% less energy compared to making new cans. So you can recycle soda cans, juice cans, etc.

PET plastic bottles

We should use plastic made out of recycled resources. It uses two-thirds less energy compared to making new plastic. Plastic bottles use more than any other type of plastic, and these are the easiest to recycle.


The paper makes up a major portion of the municipal waste stream in the U.S. Recycling papers can conserve resources and save energy. They won’t clog up the landfills.

Corrugated cardboard

It represents a high percentage of the commercial solid waste stream. 90% of this material comes from the commercial or non-residential sector. So, when you receive a big box of parcel next time, make sure you recycle it.

Steel cans

Steel products can also be recycled without hampering the quality of the steel. Every year more than 80 million tons of steel are recycled in America. Recycling steel cans save a lot of money.

We should develop the habit of recycling these products. If these end up in landfills, a huge volume of waste will accumulate and will be harmful to our environment. By recycling these products, we can make our environment much healthy.

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