I started writing this blog in 2006 simply out of interest in environmental issues. I realised that there are many things we need know about the environment to protect it. This blog is to provide information about every aspect of green living, climate change, gree technology, green energy, etc.

This blog will provide the readers with a source of knowledge that can be used every day in our lives. It will help to make the world a greener place. The readers will know how the community events, daily habitual changes, local and international dialogues, etc. directly influence the green movement.

We can protect our environment if we all do our parts. We can improve our health, reduce our consumption, find green alternatives, and more. We should take action right now; otherwise, it will be too late. We have a forum where we discuss the ways we can protect our environment and what initiatives others are taking. You can ask any question related to environment and our experts will gladly answer your questions. We update our blog regularly. So, visit our blog often to stay updated on various environmental issues.