Write For Us

We are doing lots of harm to our environment through our actions and creations. We are cutting trees, using vehicles that emit carbon monoxide, burning fossil fuels, using up the natural resources, and more. It’s time that we make our environment sustainable so that our following generations can lead a peaceful and healthy life. We want content from our readers to enrich our blog. We want to you write for us.

Guidelines for submission

• We don’t allow any links back to your site in the body of the post.
• You can include external links that are allowed in the guest post that is related to the topic of the article. The link must be from an authority site.
• We want you to include an author bio at the bottom of the post. It may include one external link to your site only.
• Your article must be at least 650 words long.
• The article must be related to the environment.
• You should include a few pictures that are at least 670 pixels wide.
• If we publish a guest post from you, we expect that you will promote the article in your social media circles so that more readers can read your post.
• We only publish original content.
• We check articles through Copyscape.com for plagiarism.

Your article must be interesting and of high quality. You can go through the topics we cover in our blog to get an idea. After you submit your article, our team will decide whether it’s appropriate for submission or not. You should email us your article along with attached photographs. We look forward to hearing from you.